• Scandinavian Summer

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    We're shutting down and heading to the Nordic region for a couple weeks.
    Looking forward to boating through the canals, eating pickled herring, and soaking in the geothermal pools.

    Here's what I'm taking with me...

    Clockwise from top left:
    Rains Jacket in Sage
    Demellier Athens Bag in Congac Croc Effect
    KORE SWIM Juno Maillot in Terrain
    Kule Corinne Sweater in Pink White
    Eugenia Kim Genie Wyatt Visor
    Bassike Slim Tapered Rib Track Pants in White
    KORE SWIM Thalia Bikini in Redblush
    Vince Jesson Platform Sandals in Black
    in below images:
    Acne sweater - I've had forever but similar here
    KORE SWIM Nova White Seersucker Dress

    I like to pack minimally, so it really helps to lay out a day's look... here are my faves:

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    Earth Day is a great day to start making a difference. It can be overwhelming thinking you are only one of seven billion people on this earth and what you do to help will actually make a difference. It all starts with the little things. Think if we all did small things and what a difference it would make at a global level.

    Use a refillable water bottle
    Use reusable bags
    Use a compost bin
    Plant your own garden
    Eat less meat and dairy
    Carpool, walk or bike
    Go paperless

    Recently at KORE, we have become very interested learning about what's in and not in our soil. Everything we put in our soil ends up in the water, including the harmful chemicals and insecticides that are used from single family homes to large scale farming. Farmer's Footprint is an organization that's seeking to improve global health through large-scale transition of land management to regenerative agriculture practices. The organization is helping to build a better future for human health and food independence.

    We're supporting Farmer's Footprint by giving 25% of all sales through Friday. I really recommend listening to this podcast between Goop and Dr. Zach Bush, the driving force behind Farmer's Footprint. Learn more about visiting Farmer's Footprint website here.

    Also, make sure to check out our sustainable collaboration with Amour Vert here.

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  • Beautycounter x KORE

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    We've partnered with our favorite cleaner, safer beauty line

    to keep you protected from the sun this season.
    With every purchase, receive a travel size Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist. 
    Offer ends April 8th. While Supplies Last.
    Gift available only with ground orders within the continental USA.
    Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico excluded. All express shipments excluded.

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  • Dive into Spring Summer

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    I'm so excited to launch the new collection! You will see bright shades with our Key Lime and Redblush colorways, and a more subdued palette in Terrain. The print, Le Surf, is one of my favorites yet - the neutral mauve background with pops of white and cornflower blue surfboard silhouettes is so chic! We're offering some exciting new styles with unique colorblocking. Make sure to check out our coverups that are perfect for the beach, but also for walking the streets on vacation. I hope the collection inspire you to plan your next getaway!

    xo Jessica

    Here's the inspiration behind the collection's colors. 


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  • No More Refined Sugar (for a month...)

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    Last year I decided to go sugar & dairy free for a few months to see how it made me feel. It didn't only make me feel great, but made me look better (no bloating, clear skin...) so now I've decided to only remove refined sugar and dairy for one month twice a year. I don't eat gluten anyway, and if you want more of a challenge, you could always remove that from your diet for the month too. It's always a good idea to time this 'month of deprivation' right before summer starts, so it helps shed the excess bloating & inflammation before swimsuit season :)

    The first couple of weeks are brutal, but once you get past that hump, it becomes much easier and you start feeling and noticing the differences. If you can find some great whole foods that you love, it becomes really easy. When I went full on sugar free last year, I cut out everything from fruit to natural sweeteners (like honey & maple syrup), but I still had a glass of red wine and a square of the darkest chocolate I can find. I also had some whole milk kefir every day to keep a little dairy in my diet so I wouldn't become lactose intolerant, plus for the probiotic benefit.

    I highly recommend picking up the Goop Clean Beauty book as it has so many great recipes and tips to making small changes to live a clean & healthy life. My FAVE recipe from this book is the Sweet Potato and Avocado Grain Bowls (below). It looks pretty daunting with so many parts, but if you make enough, it'll last days :) I also use each individual ingredient as snacks throughout the day. Gwyneth also recently came out with a new cookbook, The Clean Plate, that I can't wait to get my hands on.

    xx Jessica

    Sweet Potato and Avocado Grain Bowls from Goop Clean Beauty

    If you want to add a meat protein to it, I found this amazing Chicken Thighs recipe. I add it to the bowls, and also use it in salads throughout the week. I love the recipe as is, but I usually sub the maple syrup for coconut oil or coconut aminos to cut down on the sugar intake. They still taste amazing.

    My latest sweet craving is fully satisfied with this Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil Fudge recipe. It's like making your own chocolate, and REALLY easy. I've been using honey instead of maple syrup, but I bet the latter is great too.

    If you NEED sugar, you can always substitute with coconut sugar, which is low glycemic and better for you than cane sugar, supposedly. You can sub it in any recipe and not taste much of a difference. These Almond Meal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Minimalist Baker are my favorite, and they're loaded with protein. I always sub the brown sugar with coconut sugar. They're gluten and dairy free also.

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