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Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and we're sure that whether you're hosting a party or attending with a request to bring something to share, you're like us and will wait until the last minute. If this sounds familiar, let us help you with an easy cocktail recipe that people will love. Cranberries are almost as important on Thanksgiving as turkey and pumpkin pie, so this Cranberry Moscow Mule will be the perfect addition to your meal. 

Ingredients for 1:
4 oz Ginger Beer
1 oz Vodka
2 tbsp Cranberry Juice Cocktail
Splash of Lime Juice
1. Mix together the vodka, ginger beer, and cranberry cocktail into that well-known copper cup. 
2. Add ice and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.
3. Garnish with fresh cranberries and sip away. 


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