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Earth Day is a great day to start making a difference. It can be overwhelming thinking you are only one of seven billion people on this earth and what you do to help will actually make a difference. It all starts with the little things. Think if we all did small things and what a difference it would make at a global level.

Use a refillable water bottle
Use reusable bags
Use a compost bin
Plant your own garden
Eat less meat and dairy
Carpool, walk or bike
Go paperless

Recently at KORE, we have become very interested learning about what's in and not in our soil. Everything we put in our soil ends up in the water, including the harmful chemicals and insecticides that are used from single family homes to large scale farming. Farmer's Footprint is an organization that's seeking to improve global health through large-scale transition of land management to regenerative agriculture practices. The organization is helping to build a better future for human health and food independence.

We're supporting Farmer's Footprint by giving 25% of all sales through Friday. I really recommend listening to this podcast between Goop and Dr. Zach Bush, the driving force behind Farmer's Footprint. Learn more about visiting Farmer's Footprint website here.

Also, make sure to check out our sustainable collaboration with Amour Vert here.


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