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Karl is The Man. His iconic style is known the world over, and one can't help but love his bizarre quirks (300 iPods and 10 Diet Cokes a day... anyone? Bueller?) and blunt point of view. Favorite zinger quote: you know if you ask me how to be chic there’s little hope to become chic. (And many more in this interview.)

A couple years ago, Jessica coined the phrase "the Karl," when referring to my work uniform. I was wearing my typical black skinny pants/black blazer/black heeled boots ensemble, probably for the millionth time, and my hair happened to be pulled into a low ponytail. I think that small detail was what made my newfound doppelganger so apparent...not to mention my prematurely graying hair which probably helped trigger the comparison too. 

After that, "the Karl" was born. More than just a monochromatic, masculine outfit, for us "the Karl" represents liberation from the interminable urge to be on trend. It represents the solace and satisfaction that comes from simplicity and steadfast personal style. 

Here are some pieces that can be mixed and matched to achieve your Karl uniform. White ponytail not included.

1. Left to right - Rag & Bone / Saint Laurent / Theory

2. Left to right - J.Crew / Vince / Saint Laurent  

3. Left to right - Rag & Bone / Isabel Marant / Toga Pulla


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