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Marnie O'Donnell is the creator and owner of MOD Fitness Studio, a barre workout that is taking the Austin, TX area by storm. A former Division I athlete at UC Berkeley (where she and Nicole met), Marnie has always been a fitness and health enthusiast. In her early 20s, a boating accident resulted in a serious neck injury that left Marnie in a cervical halo for several months. Never one to let a setback get her down, Marnie used a combination of yoga, pilates and barre to overcome her injury and transform her body. This experience is what inspired her to create MOD Fitness.

A true inspiration, Marnie is the epitome of strength and perseverance - the ideal KORE woman. We interviewed her to get a couple fitness tips as well as some of her favorite summer beauty products - enjoy!


Fitness idol?
Misty Copeland


Business idol?
Sheryl Sandberg


What inspires you?
Personally, my clients and family inspire me everyday. Professionally, I am inspired by meeting people who follow their passion in business.


Favorite MOD exercise move? 
Table top seat work (shown below)

Favorite post-workout snack?
We sell fresh pressed organic juices from a local company in Austin called Juice Society. The General Green juice is my favorite post-workout snack after teaching or taking class.


Favorite activewear line?
Outdoor Voices and Lululemon.


Latest obsession? 
KEYS Eye Butter
SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF


Best music to play in the studio?
The MOD Fitness Spotify account


Advice for achieving a fitness goal?
Find a workout buddy and plan your workout schedule in advance


What’s in your beach bag this summer?
EltaMD Sunscreen and Primates of Park Avenue


Dream travel destination?
Anywhere with a white sand beach


Words to live by?
Live life in moderation


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