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Swimsuits are subject to some serious abuse in the summer months - between sun, salt water, and sand they tend to take a little bit of a beating. We decided to give you a few of our favorite tricks to keep your suit feeling sparkling and new. 

1 - NEVER machine wash your suit. Hand washing is all that is necessary with a gentle soap or detergent. (Our favorite is The Laundress Sport Detergent.) And make sure to hand wash your suit in cold water and lay flat to dry to avoid color transfer, especially with brightly colored items.

2 - NEVER leave your suit to dry in the direct sunlight - it will fade the colors and break down the material much faster. 

3 - NEVER machine dry your suit - in the same way the sunlight will break down the fabric, so will your dryer. 

4 - When packing your swimsuit in a suitcase, put it in a small dust bag or ziplock so that it doesn't catch on a zipper or a rogue object.

5 - Wash your suit as soon as you take it off - the longer bacteria, body oils, and sunscreen have to set in the more it will damage the fabric.

6 - Resist the urge to wring out your suit when it is soaking wet - doing so may stretch the fabric. 



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