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Lucille Ball once said, "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line." It's a simple truth that we often lose sight of. 

This Valentine's Day, we are going rogue and proposing an unconventional kind of love. A no-strings-attached love that doesn't hinge on other people making us happy. A love that isn't rife with expectation. A love that isn't found on Tinder or symbolized by a box of Godiva chocolates. Today, we are celebrating a self-love that comes only from within and, unlike a dozen red roses, will stand the test of time.

We've asked some of the amazing women in our lives to share what they do to give themselves love. Let this inspire us all to love ourselves today and everyday. 



Spending time with friends and family doing things like dining out, drinking good wine, listening to music, hosting parties, and skiing (on powder days). Lighting a nice candle and eating gourmet french cheeses also are some of my favorite indulgences.

Sophie Elgort, photographer


I love the sun, and since moving to La Jolla I get to enjoy it a lot more! When I need a little rejuvenation, I'll take a walk (on the sunny side of the street), drive with all the windows down on a warm day, or head to the beach & take a little nap in the sun.

Molly Rossettie, shop owner


I give myself love by taking a nice hot bubble bath when the bubbles and bath tub are available to me. I allow myself to relax and enjoy being still.

Alicia Reina, designer

Wrapped up in a cashmere blanket, I hold a rose quartz crystal over my heart chakra and feel the love. A nice glass of wine and a Laguna Beach sunset help me find peace after a busy day.

Jeanne Diradoorian, artist and our mom

While I am not at the studio I like to pick up a green juice from JuiceLand and walk Town Lake with a girlfriend or my husband. It's the perfect way to start the day.

Marnie O'Donnell, fitness studio owner

I love strong coffee, walks and talks with family, friends and my fiancé, dinners that go late into the night, dessert, and red wine. Life is busy but when I can work one of those things into my day, it's a good day.

Laura Strachan, lawyer


I really enjoy eating a long breakfast at a restaurant with a good book or magazine. I pretend I'm back in Paris but New York City will do for now :) It's the best way to start out the day and it gives me inner peace.

Sarah Engelke, interior architect


What do you do to show yourself love? We'd love to know.


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